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Q. Do you provide food? 

A. Yes! We provide lunch, plus 2 snack per day. Please check out the food section for a smaple menu. 

Q. How old does my child need to be in order to enroll?

A. We take children who are 6 months-3.5 years of age. Check out the programs section for more information

Q. Do you provide beds?

A. Yes. Each infant is provided with their own pack n'play to sleep in. 

Q. Where do the children sleep?

A. The infants (24 months and younger) will each have their own crib and will be situated in the nursery. The toddlers (24 months and older) will sleep in the reading nook on a mat/sleeping bag. 

Q. Do you require the children to be potty trained?

A. No. 

Q. Do you provide diapers?

A. No. You will provide diapers and wipes each week. 

Q. Do you have animals at your facility? 

A. Yes, we are pet friendly! We have a small french bulldog named Frank who grew up around children and is very friendly. 

Q. What is the adult to child ratio?

A. 1:2/3

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