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Food For Thought

Food and nutrition is SO important for your child's development and is one of the top priorities at Lala's Place. Here are some ways we implement and encourage smart eating habits from the beginning:

  • We'll have regular and consistent meal times

  • We serve a variety of healthy meals and snacks giving the kiddos many options to choose from 

  • Involve the kids in the food making process 

  • We avoid battles over food 

  • The staff at LP are role models for healthy eating 

*Please reach out directly for information on our food packages. 

Sample Menu

Morning Snack: Fruit (watermelon, berries, banana apple, etc.), crackers, cheese

Lunch: Sandwich that the kids can put together themselves, zucchini fritters, pasta salad, rice with veggies, roasted chicken, fish or beef. 


Afternoon Snack: Cheese, veggies with hummus or other dip, yogurt, nuts.  

*If your child has a food allergy, please let us know so we can make sure their dietary needs are being met. 

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